Monday, 16 May 2016

Quick update thing

Okay so I just wanted to make a quick update because... wow okay way too many really nice comments and unfortunately I don't have time to reply to them or comment on any of the good posts coming up on my dash atm. ;-; (I'll delete this post later - this is partly an excuse to top the previous post xD)

Well... my exams haven't even started yet. (Although chemistry is this week.) And I'm having to juggle chemistry and physics at the same time and that's the tough bit. >.<

Miraculous Ladybug

Anyway... I'll probably be back end of June? Then summer break. I really need it. *-*

So to the point...
  • Megan and I are still doing the Disney Princess collab! :D (In case anyone's interested, you can find details here.)
  • I have huge plans for the summer, including using my Wacom (finaaalllllyyy I have been waiting all year for this :D) and DIY projects. If you have any suggestions, please do tell me of them in the comments of the About Me page! (So just a note for the people who view my blog, you might've noticed I haven't been very inspirational this year... yes, that's because of exams. XD But I'm planning to change, so.)
  • Asks are open on my Tumblr art blog (here), so please do feel free to send them in! You can send them anonymously if you like. (And thank you of course to those who have sent me asks! :D) I might not answer them straight away (yeah you got it, because of exams xD) but I'll do my best after, since I'm planning on inserting drawn pictures in too. :3 If you just want to do an ordinary ask without a picture, please send the ask through my main blog (here). 
  • And this is for @Captain-Nathat ... I need you to give me a description of Samantha please. (And Rance too if you can >:D) You know why. C: 
  • Also might do a couple of How I Draw... tutorials over the summer holidays, so if you have any ideas of which character you'd like me to draw, please do suggest them! :D

I'm kind of active on Tumblr at the moment.  But I can't do much on there either because I only have about half an hour of *officially coming on* and reblogging/posting... weekends might be exceptions if I don't have practise papers/revision to do. xD 

So bye for now I guess? ^_^